quinta-feira, 27 de abril de 2017

Syria confirms IAF hit Hezbollah arms depot near Damascus
Arab media: Israeli strike hits complex holding Iranian weapons routinely shipped to Syria • Intelligence Minister Katz stops short of confirming Israeli involvement, says incident "matches our declared policy" • Syrian official threatens retaliation.
Israel Hayom
Flames rise up over an area near Damascus International Airport, Thursday
Photo credit: Screenshot / Twitter
Arab media reported Thursday that an Israeli strike hit a Hezbollah arms supply depot near Damascus International Airport. The depot was said to store regular supplies of Iranian weapons shipped to Syria via commercial and military cargo planes, meant for the Lebanon-based Shiite terrorist group.
Speaking with the Syrian Arab News Agency, a senior Syrian military official confirmed the weapons depot had been struck and attributed the attack to Israel. "Syria will retaliate on the Israeli aggression," he declared.

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