sábado, 15 de abril de 2017

The element of surprise
They thought Assad could butcher his people unhindered • They thought Trump was in Russia's pocket • But then the American president launched 59 cruise missiles and sent a clear message that everything they thought about him was wrong.
Boaz Bismuth - Israel Hayom
U.S. President Donald Trump - Photo credit: Reuters 
Many who have been following the latest developments in the White House over the last week probably think that U.S. President Donald Trump has gone mad. But they are wrong. It is true that he has set new rules, shaped in his own image, but his conduct toward America's allies indicates that the last thing he wants is confrontation. Certainly not now, when he is deep in the Syrian conflict (and its implications on U.S. relations with Russia) while simultaneously trying to prevent a North Korean crisis (and its implications on U.S. relations with China).

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